He Lost His Leg In Iraq. This Is What He Has To Say To Anyone Who Thinks He Hates Muslims.

People often assume that Herbert is racist to Muslims due to the fact that he lost his leg while fighting in Iraq. However, they couldn't be further from the truth. As unfortunate as it is, there are still people in this world who display racist tendencies and prejudice. It's a sad reality that in a society as advanced as ours, some people are still unable to move past the negative connotations surrounding people of certain ethnic backgrounds. However, there are good people out there too — people who speak up for the equal rights of all human beings regardless of nationality. Former UK soldier Chris Herbert is one of those people, and his message is as necessary as it is possible.
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"Getting frustrated by some people expecting racism from me, because I got blown up.
Here it is:
  • Yes. A Muslim man blew me up, and I lost my leg.
  • A Muslim medic was in the helicopter that took me from the field.
  • A Muslim surgeon performed the surgery that saved my life.
  • A Muslim Nurse was part of the team that helped me when I returned to the UK.
  • A Muslim Healthcare Assistant was part of the team that sorted out my day to day needs in rehabilitation when I was learning to walk.
  • A Muslim taxi driver gave me a free ride the first time I went for a beer with my dad after I came home.
  • Muslim doctor offered my dad comfort and advice in a pub when he didn't know how to deal with my medicines and side effects.

Contrary to that...
  • A Muslim man also lost his arm that day wearing a British uniform...
  • A white Brit spat in my girlfriend's face for 'f****** a cripple when you could have me [him]'.
  • A white Brit pushed my wheelchair away from a lift so he could use it first.
  • A white Brit screamed at my dad for parking in a disabled bay when I was in the services coming home.

(Although, a lot of people helped in my recovery! I don't hate white Brits either! hahaha).
Point is, f*** off...
I know who I dislike, and I know who I don't. I know who I appreciate, and I know who I don't. If you want to hate an entire race of men and women for the actions of a few... feel free, but don't push your views on me, thinking I am an easy target because one [person] decided it was my day to die.

Blaming all Muslims for the actions of groups like Daeshe and the Taliban is like blaming all Christians for the actions of the KKK or Westboro Baptist Church.

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