Third Gender! a Red Tag, Why??

This weekend was thoughtful. While having a leisure trip with family in Lahore, I happened to encounter many ‘Khawaja Sara’s’ on road. Many questions flashed in my mind. What exactly is status of a ‘third gender’ in Pakistan?? Are they cornered to typical event dancing, singing and beggary?? Don’t they have a place in other professions??

Is there any famous third gender personality living a ‘Normal Life’ like any other gender in Pakistan?

I found none but Almas Bobby, President Shemale Foundation Pakistan. Almas Bobby is part of the society recognized as “khusra”, Khawaja Sara and is a ‘Khwaja sara.

Article 25 and 27 of constitution of Pakistan 1973 are highlighting to me in this regard.

Article 25 is providing that ‘There shall be no discrimination on the basis of sex’ at same time article 27 is providing ‘No citizen otherwise qualified for appointment in the service of Pakistan shall be discriminated against in respect of any such appointment on the ground only of race, religion, caste, sex, residence or place of birth’

So being a legal professional I am happy to see that LAW is there to deal this ISSUE and legal shelter is provided to this gender same way and at same level as provided to other two major genders in Pakistan.Its Always eye pleasing to have 'shemale' along with 'male' 'female' in gender column of eligibility in any announced Govt Job in Pakistan.

Then Where is ‘Gutter’ “Loop hole’ or Lacuna?? In our minds?? In our thought process?? Or we are tagging our malfunctioning societal thoughts and cults on ISLAM Notice Board. If this is so, let me tell you ‘ISLAM HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS’.

For those who have a thoughtful mind this Hadith would serve the purpose. “The most beloved of you to Allah are the best of you in character,” Bukhari

When Religion & Law is recognizing a gender equal to other genders then;

Why a ‘Khwaja Sara’ is a ‘Khwaja Sara in Pakistan and not a normal Human being??

Why a Khwaja Sara is just a symbol of leisure and event dancing or singing in Pakistan??

It’s not Law!! its society and we the people, who have created this dilemma. We have made birth of a third gender child for any parent a symbol of shame. It’s actually our so called societal cults that are snatching the right of normal life from a third gender child and eventually breeding a class that is facing violation of its constitutional right from the very day of birth.

According to I.A. Rehman, the director of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, "Generally in Pakistan, Khwaja Saraa is not under threat. But they are in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province because of a 'new Islam' under way",

Misinterpretation of Islam as per so called cults has now become prevalent in Pakistan.these cults has sabotage Real image of ISLAM around the Globe.

For parents, please abandoning third gender child is not solution and neither hiding nor having a walk of shame should be your choice. Give that child a great brought up and education just like child of any other gender and you’ll see nothing but a complete child of yours, fitting best in society, leading a normal life.

The organizations who have taken certain measures to address the situation of the third gender in Pakistan, my heartiest thanks to them. It’s a matter of awareness and nothing more. We have Religion Islam who advocates and shelter this gender and our constitution as well.

A message to those who has third gender family members, be courageous, there is nothing shameful in being a third gender or having a third gender family member or friend.

After all it’s just another ‘GENDER’ and nothing much.

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